January 10, 2009


I had some pictures I wanted to share, but b/c we aren't at home and I didn't bring my cable to connect my camera to computer, I cant. But never fear, I will be uploading as soon as I can at home!

Dexter was indeed put to sleep yesterday. It was tough. For all of us. My heart broke that we were loosing a dog that we had had for 10 years, but mostly it broke for my 10 year old son that was visibly very very upset! I felt soooo terrible for him.

Matt brought him to the vet, the whole way thinking that he wasn't sure he could actually do it. But like a sign from God, when he got to the vet, the dog started to bleed A LOT! More than we had seen in the past... he knew that we didn't have a choice!

We do have a distraction this weekend, which is a blessing for Landon specifically! We are at Great Wolf Lodge enjoying the water park and the magic wands (whatever all that's about) and good food and family. So while he does still say once in a while that he is sad (which I constantly remind him is o.k.), he is distracted enough not to think about it every minute!

God is so good!


Anonymous said...

That is so hard! I can't imagine. But Great Wolf does sound like a very good distraction... and a good distraction from another snowstorm here. Enjoy your family time.

S Huiz said...

You'll have to tell me if the whole magic wand thing is worth the extra money- we didn't splurge on them while we were there, but I saw kids wandering around with them.

Yes, even through heartbreak- God is good!

Lynn said...

That is so hard, I know. Glad it went as good as it could go. Also glad you had that distraction this weekend... have fun!!

Missy said...

I just saw this, although I knew from Facebook. I am sure it was very hard for all of you. Thank goodness for the well timed distraction.