December 26, 2008


Just some random pictures of our Christmas... in NO particular order really!
It was a quiet Christmas for us this year, normally we feel like we are rushing all over, but this year it not only felt like gifts were downsized (a good thing), but also the parties! It was kind of a nice change! We had a party with my family early because my brother and sister in law always go to Florida for Christmas, then Christmas Eve we normally go to New Era to celebrate with Mary's family, but weather kept us home this year, we had a small party at my parents and watched Home Alone instead and all attended the late service (11pm) at our church, Christmas day we woke up late (something that I've always wondered about, as a kid I always was up way to early b/c I was soooo excited, not my kids though, the first one, Elliot, finally woke up at 9:15... what's up with that), took our time opening gifts and then went to my parents again. We had intended to come back here later and just hang out but Mary had dinner and we didn't, so we headed back over there for dinner later at night after taking a little nap! Friday we celebrated with Matt's mom at night and next weekend we celebrate with Matt's dad! We are headed to Great Wolff the weekend after that so hopefully the weather is good for driving!

Our family by our tree Christmas night...
Bailey got a camera!
Landon got Rock Band (which is much harder than it looks)
Elliot got chapstick (among other much less exciting things like a v-motion)
Santa brought them just what they wanted... a basketball hoop, a guitar and a computer!
Elliot got another monkey...
Aunt Bobbie, Elliot & Uncle Josh

Today I did a shower for my friend EJ who is visiting from Vermont! So good to see the girls again! (Yup, I look HUGE, but whatever)

I also noticed while EJ and I were at Target returning something (can you believe she doesn't have a Target by her... what could you do) that this bedding set that I love is on clearance! Jackpot!
I'm not a person that needs EVERYTHING... so instead of the full set I picked up the skirt and the blanket, they didn't have a sheet and I still want to get the green striped rug online (they don't have it in stores), but I thought it was pretty neutral and I liked the colors! And cheap... this is the LAST baby, so no need to spend a lot!


S Huiz said...

That baby bedding is AH-DORABLE!! Leave some things for friends to get for gifts! Do you want anything else in that line????

Kari said...

Last baby?? What?? ;)
Sweet bedding- definite bonus on clearance! Hello jackpot!

Missy said...

Cute pics and I love the bedding! Looks like you had a great Christmas.