December 1, 2008

amidst it all

I'm feeling a lot of stress and anxiousness about some things that are going on right now, but in the midst of it all there are still so many things that make me smile when what I really want to do is cry...
Like how Elliot's eyes roll back in his head when he's laying on his big pillow with his little head and you tuck his nigh-night up by his face
or when Landon's very dry sarcastic sense of humor shines through (just my type of humor). Even his teacher is noticing it (she has the same type of humor).
or the most random things that Bailey says that can't help but make a person smile!
I love my kids so much and just pray that I can give them all they need, even at the cost of sacrificing myself. I pray that when I'm called to sacrifice myself, whether that be time, energy or resources that I do so freely, without grumbling or being bitter!


Sarah said...

Hope you're okay!!!!!!! God gave us children for the reasons you mentioned I think!

Anonymous said...

you are a phenomenal mommy!!

Kari said...

Your an amazing mom Lynette!