December 17, 2008


Another bad santa picture, I think every santa picture I've ever taken has been terrible... oh well, we did it, Elliot told him that he wants a computer, the other kids weren't thrilled with the idea of going at all but did it anyway!

Christmas business and stress is really starting to set in... I've had enough and wish that I didn't wish Christmas was over already. I wish I could enjoy the season more and maybe someday we can just make it so simple that it is enjoyable again! But for now I get to feel like THIS!

We finger painted today... it all started out innocently enough...

and soon progressed to very messy hands and table and very naughty looks!

all to be followed by a mid afternoon bath!


S Huiz said...

Look at that naughty but adorable look!!!!! I have to say- the picture of your kids with Santa isn't bad- it's Santa that is messing it up- his beard is the fakest I have ever seen- looks like cotton balls!

Missy said...

I hear you with the stress. Why can't this be an enjoyable time of year? I love those pics of E! That last one is the best.

Kari said...

Was there face painting going on as well?? He was into face painting himself last time ;)