August 13, 2008


The dog had a tumor on his leg that he had to have removed so it didn't stain our carpet in the new house... you know, the carpet that will probably never come! We're fools really! 7 years ago when we got new carpet in the house we are in we got it from Lowes. They had a special and it looked good. So they came to install it and got it all installed and thier was a defect in the carpet (which they for some reason didn't notice, or more likely didn't think we would notice), so they had to reinstall it. Well, when they re-installed they got the colors mixed up and had ordered the wrong colors for the rooms. So we had to wait again. Finally the day before Bailey was born they got it installed right and we were able to move back into our rooms. Needless to say we threw a fit and got reimbursed for a portion of it. Not enough though.

Well idiots that we are got sucked back in with thier $99 whole house installation deal. STUPID STUPID STUPID! Really! I called today to make sure the carpet came in yesterday and it didn't, it's not scheduled to come in until next Tuesday. We are supposed to move into the upstairs this weekend. Matt has talked to someone there and he is trying to find some stuff out, but it doesn't look like we will have carpet before next week. I am livid right now. If we dont' have carpet by Friday they will compensate us. We have furniture being delivered on Saturday!

So, in conclusion, I highly recommend going anywhere BUT Lowes. Highly!

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S Huiz said...

I can echo your sentiments based on my parent's experience with Lowe's and flooring as well! Okay-GROSS! Didn't know THAT was why you had Dex's leg operated on- so it wouldn't stain your carpet???? Yuck!