August 2, 2008

Games over...

It was a long day and I'm exausted (no rest for the weary though). We had to be at the baseball fields at 8:00, for a 9:00 game, keep in mind that we rarely get up before 9:00 anymore, so this was difficult. The team won thier first game (like 0-some insane number), so they had to play again at 11, basically one game got done and the next one started! That game was against the other Zeeland team, unfortunatly we lost. So that was two losses... double elimination, one would think we were done, but nope. That just meant that we played a "fun" game (meaning it had no meaning for rankings etc) at 3:00. I was able to come home between the last two games and Matt's mom kept the younger two for the last game thankfully! But, when I came home I left Landon there. He got hurt playing whiffle ball. Sprianed his hand/wrist pretty good. So, he didn't even play the last game. What a bummer. We had an injured Cobe over tonight too, then Elliot got a cut on his head (or a scab came off or something, anyway he was bleeding) so he had a band aid on... can't wait to show off that picture! We had a quiet evening! Now the neighbors are over so thier parents can go to a later movie! I'm exausted and really just want to go to bed, but I don't mind helping out either (does that make sense???)?

Tomorow we have a cook-out with Matt's grandma who is in town from Arkansas for the week. I have only met her one other time (at our wedding 9 years ago) and she is a joy to be around, always full of good advice! Making sure to tell Matt the other day at the house that he needed to make sure he kept his wife happy, and make time to be together! She is so sweet!

A few pictures...
Elliot slept in his "big" bed the other night, it was the CUTEST thing... I walked into his room to check on him before going to bed myself and found him on the floor, he must have heard me a little come in and he stirred awake and climbed half way back into his bed w/o ever opening his eyes. Such a QT!
My baby girl!
Landon on the rip-stik... anyone tried one of these? Not nearly as easy as they look, that's for sure! But he's a pro and I'm a mean mom that makes him wear a helmet... oh well!
Anyone wanna guess whos feet these are???? (Sorry... )


MandaKay said...

ROFL - Sarah's!

Sarah said...

Hahahahahahaha I have looked at this post several times and even told Lisa last night that those must be your feet. (I saw the wedding ring/band so knew they weren't a kids or a man's) It just NOW dawned on me whose feet they are! How quickly I forget!!!!!!!!