August 19, 2008

Coming together...

Ikea was great, a very productive trip, we got most of what we went for! the one big thing we are missing is a desk. I have looked EVERYWHERE! I don't want to spend a ton of money (although I did find one I liked... it was $1000... that's WAY to much). I have been to Staples, Talsma's, Art Van, VanHill,, West, Pottery, Office Max, Craigs List, 2 hotel furniture stores in town, and Holland Rescue Mission (which, thanks to Missy I picked up 2 mattresses there for a small fraction of the price that the bigger stores wanted), along with other numerous online stores, all with NO success. I want a very plain, very basic black desk (will paint if need be) with a few drawers possibly, although I can do without all the drawers. Anyone have any ideas????? Please??????

I talked to my friend that just moved to Vermont. She loaded up the moving truck (ok, not really herself, but the movers loaded it up) and left on the 31st of August, she came back to get her boys on the 9th of August... still no moving truck in Vermont, she returned to Vermont on August 11... still no moving truck in Vermont. I talked to her yesterday... still no moving truck in Vermont! Seriously, how many people could live without thier stuff for that long???? I feel so bad for them, her boys are slepeing on an air mattress. They are making do though and learning to get around!

OK, back to getting some work done... busy busy busy over here. I really try not to let things stress me out, but I'm past the point of stress right now, I'm forgetting to do things, call people etc, I can't wait to be in! So if I've forgotten you in any way, please let me know!

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Missy said...

I'm sending you a pic of a desk. It's nice. Black vertical panels with maple type desk top. Very cute good shape, you may like it! I'll send it soon!!!