August 15, 2008

Carpet update and freebie's

There is a blog-fest going on at WST, I think it goes all weekend... here is the information, you can find more on the WST Blog, you'll have to scroll down a little bit though!

Welcome to the {we are} storytellers Staycation Blog Festival! Our Blog Festival is our way of thanking you for checking out our Staycation Prompts and Challenges this summer of 2008! Our theme is "There is No Place Like Home" and so now we invite you to our "homes" - our blogs!!!

Check out the following blogs for freebies, coupons, and/or a chance to win something very special! Be sure to hop to these blogs for more from the {we are} storytellers team!
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And remember, every Tuesday we have specials for our Page Turner Tuesday. Every Thursday is our Writer's Notebook with Audrey Neal, plus Book Fair which lasts through Sunday. Our Staycation Prompts & Challenges go until September 5th - we look forward to seeing your summer memories!

And, the carpet update...
We should have carpet by next week Wednesday, they found someone who would be able to install it even though they are typically looking at three+ weeks out (they tell us at least). I'm still mad, I had to spend about an hour on the phone rescheduling stuff (cable, deliveries etc) and I think they should at least re-imburse me for my time, right? I've got to be worth at least $500/hour! ;)

So, next weekend we should be able to move in. Not counting on it though! And... Landon has a basketball tournament next weekend to work around! Whatever, nothing we can do!


Kate said...

I can help you after the Chicken BBQ is over if you need it..or I can take the kids!

Missy said...

Wow, what a mess you have going with that carpet. I would be completely frustrated too. Good luck, I hope you get settled soon.