August 16, 2008

Another Gold...

I have never ever really cared about swimming, but I have to say that my body was tensing up watching that last race. I really couldn't care less if Phelps got all of those medals or not, but it was still exciting to see! Speaking of, did you see that race ending the other night? WOW, that was close! Don't you think?

Off to Ikea tomorow. The kids need beds and we need some miscellaneous things for the house! I brought over a few boxes of stuff tonight, it felt wierd to be actually moving something into the house! I think I'm a little scared, I dont' want to just randomly put stuff away, I want it put away right, but "is this the right cupboard for cups?", "what will go in this drawer?", those things keep going through my mind. Most people are scared to hang things on the wall in a new house, I'm scared to put stuff away. I know the OCD in me is going to come out, if it can't be perfect, it's going to be trashed, and I so do not want that!

This afternoon someone was supposed to come and look at the house at 1:00, I decided to put Elliot to bed anyway and if they really liked the house, that one room wouldn't really matter, right? Landon & Bailey left with some friends to go swimming for the afternoon and I was all alone! Peace and quiet (Elliot is cranky and has a cold, so the quiet was very necesary for me by that point)! 1:10 rolls around, Matt calls and says "It's only a few minutes after 1, maybe they will show up". To me 10 minutes is like a lifetime, I'm very very very rarely late anywhere, I'm almost always early, even early to the point of being rude sometimes. Anyway, they never showed up, this is the second Saturday in a row that this has happened! Very frustrating! So after E's nap, we went to play in the sandbox on the porch and someone was parked in front of the house calling the number (Matt's cell), I walked out and asked if I could answer any questions. They were interested so I told them they could come in and look around, and long story short I think we may have our house rented! Not exactly sure how I feel about it, but it's money! YAY!!!!!!


Beck said...

Wow! I hope your drive-by renting works out! :)

I've been watching the swimming, too... it's Olympic crack. What will we DO when the games are over? I'd like to see some diving, though.

I'm the same way you are with finding the right place for something... and once the place is found, there is no moving it! I do this to my own detriment, I'm afraid. Will you have the luxury of kidless organization?

Missy said...

YAY! I'll be praying that your renter works out!

Crazy how addicting the Olympics are isn't it. I didn't think I'd be into it either but history was made and that's awesome!

Good luck organizing the new place! A little OCD never hurt anyone;)

krissy said...

That's kinda funny! I guess things just work out in their own way sometimes.
I'm with you on the Olympics... it is so cool watching people so talented.
I also understand your pain with the placement of all your stuff. I have no advice for ya. :)