February 16, 2011

You can't exagerate God

I was sitting with God this morning, spending time in His word.  I've felt very convicted lately at how little time I do spend with him versus how much time I spend with other things.  Things of this world.  So, I'm making an effort to spend more time with him.  Time in prayer, studying His word, listening (this one is very hard for me) and worshiping. 

I had three books open this morning.  My bible, a sample of the book Jesus Calling (which I got for free here, I will be buying both the adult version and the kid version of this book soon) and I picked up Crazy Love again.  Oh, and my BSF was out as well.  All four of these rescources kept pointing me to spending more time with Him.  And recognizing what a big God he is.  I loved the line in Crazy Love (now highlighted and underlined and starred) that said He is a God that can not be exagerated.  WOW.  Wow. 

My prayer this morning:
God, I want to know you better.  I want your love to flow from me.  I want to trust you with my life and my kids lives.  You are so much bigger than I could ever even imagine.  I tend to put you in the little box of my understanding, but you are SO much more than anything I could ever comprehend.  You are so much bigger than my time encased, air, food and sleep dependant life. You are set apart and Holy.  Perfectly Holy.  You are a God, my God, that I couldn't exagerate if I tried.  You know me, you know every detail of my life before I do.  You know the details that I try to hide from others.  You know when I'm hurting, when I'm weary, when I'm angry and happy.  God, I was created by you and for you, but I constantly fail to recognize that.  I want to believe that you were created for me and my purposes.  I am here to bless you by blessing others.  I'm here to love you and others through you.  Each day I should be asking what I can do for you, but to often I end up telling you what I want you to do for me.  God, please help me to change that.  Help me to live for you.  Help me to see your will and follow it.  God, help me to come to you for refreshment instead of turning inward  to myself.  I want to receive the perfect peace that only you can offer.  Help me to focus on you instead of the plans and problems of the day, knowing tha tyou will give me strength if I seek your face always.  Help me to follow the command of 1 Corinthians 7:31, to not dwell on things of this world, things that won't matter in eternity, but to focus on you.
Thank you for your grace, your forgiveness and your strength.  Without these things I am nothing. 


Joanne said...

I love this post, Lynette. It was a wonderful way to start a day that seems too big. It IS too big for me, but you reminded me it's NOT to big if I am doing it with HIM walking me through it.

Thanks...and by the way, I LOVE LOVE your hair cut. Seriously love how it makes your features stand out.

Anonymous said...

Good reminders Lynette. I was just thinking about how little time I actually daily spend in His word. I speed thru my devotional, pray thru my list, then go check email. I need to start treasuring that time and increasing it too. Julie S

Anonymous said...

Lynette, thanks for the reminder again, I love how you post things and it always seems to reflect something that I am convicted about as well. Just picked up Jesus calling and the kids version is 50% at Family Christian. Heather