February 28, 2011

Could it be?

I haven't been posting updates lately for the simple reason that there isn't much to update really!  I don't know if I dare even say that things are a bit boring over here.  But they kind of are.  Kind of.  In actuality, there is never a dull moment in our house.  Miss Lila would never allow that!  :)

Lila is starting to talk more and more.  Were working on keeping her pipe in her crib, instead of always in her mouth.  But there are times it suits me more to have it in her mouth.  Does that make me a terrible mother?  Nah.  It seems with all of my kids that as soon as we took the pipe away, they started talking, she is no exception!  She still does her share of screaming and crying, but were working on it!

Elliot is Elliot.  Not much to update on that boy.  He is looking more and more like Landon the older he gets though.  I often get a wierd feeling when looking at him that I've gone back in time.  And, I definitely can't keep their names straight.  I was never going to be THAT mom, but I am.  "Landon, I mean Lila, I mean Bailey... ugh, I really mean Elliot".  It happens all the time!  I'll blame it on the chemo (how long can I use that one???)

Bailey starts girls on the run tomorrow.  She is also doing swimming at school right now, so that girl has a LOT of stuff to carry back and forth!  But this will be so good for her!  My goal would be to be able to run the 5k with her (although she would prefer I run far far behind her) at the end.  Probably won't happen, so she won't have much to worry about!

Landon... no sports right now, although baseball starts soon (right after spring break I believe).  He's busy with homework every night it seems, and going to the girls basketball games, and the Bridge, and church, and this weekend he get's to go to camp for two nights with church.  It looks like he will have a fabulous time! 

I am doing a Mom2Mom sale at church on Saturday.  If you want any of my kids clothes, be sure to come check it out!  I am hoping to get a LOT priced and set out there!  Not to mention toys and other miscellaneous stuff.  There are 25ish sellers that will be there, so you'll have plenty of options!

And, a post without a picture, just isn't a post!  Elliot playing DSI with his friends in the fort that we built.  We love to build forts this time of year!
And, a great quote (something to think about) from Forgotten God by Francis Chan...
We overanalyze the things that don't deserve a second thought and we blow right past the clear, obvious, important things in life.

Other books I've been enjoying right now...
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Remembering the Forgotten God (a workbook to go with Forgotten God)
Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
Jesus Lives by Sarah Young
and this book has been pretty good (ok, really good) as well!

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