February 10, 2011


So, I've said before that my word is "SIMPLE".  I have it written above my computer and look at the word often, but I will admit that I'm having trouble embracing it.  I have clutter everywhere.  We have far to much stuff in our house.  To many papers, to many games, to many books, to many doo-dads, to many clothes, to much food, to much laundry (which is in direct relation to to many clothes), to many toys, to many tv's.  I want to clear it all out.  But, I know that that is not practical either.  So, slowly I'm going to start going through things, making things simpler and neater and more appealing, clearing out the clutter.  Getting it all ready for our GIGANTIC garage sale this spring. 

I love to watch hoarders.  The saddest part of that show though is that I understand how people get to be that way.  I understand being emotionally connected to things.  I have gotten much better with age, but I used to want to hold on to EVERYTHING because it inevitably had some kind of emotion attached to it that I couldn't let go of.  Something that my mom had, or made or something that my kids used when they were little.  As I've gotten older (and wiser of course) I've been able to realize that they are just things.  They have no place in our eternal future, therefore are not necessary in this life either.  I think of how little some people have, and how happy little things make them.  I think of my kids and how they seem to appreciate nothing.  Because they have so much.  Were going to make changes here.  Were clearing things out.  Were not going to make unnecessary purchases.  Were going to keep things SIMPLE. 

And, with any luck we'll sell enough at the garage sale so that I can get the new lens I've been lusting after for years!  Oops, maybe I'm complicating things. 

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Joanne said...

I can so empathize with your posting today. When you were a little girl, some ladies at our church studied a book called "Disciplines Of a Beautiful Woman" by a woman named Ortburg.
She mentioned something that has stuck with me all these years since. It's this: When you come upon things in your house that you haven't even looked at in a year consider that someone would USE that object (piece of clothing, etc.) EVERY DAY!
Helps make for a bigger mountain for garage sale or Goodwill.