February 12, 2011


I'm almost embarresed to say that Lila is going to be 2 in April and I JUST got done decorating her room.  For the LONGEST time she had NOTHING on her walls.   They were just a pale yellow (which is what we painted it when we thought it would be an office).  The other day I told Matt that I wanted to paint her room.   He wasn't to happy about that.  At all.  (Matt is not so fond of painting).  So, instead I decided to embrace the color and roll with it. 

It started with a good cleaning.  (aka get rid of almost everything). 
All of her toys went into her closet.  She doesn't have that many upstairs, and the ones that she did have, she really doesn't play with, she much prefers to go in her brothers room and play with the ones he doesn't want her to. 

Next was finding the fabric to do this project (which I've linked to before, I knew I wanted to try it, just didn't know where).  I originally wanted to find a red background with white polkadots.  But after walking around the fabric store for a while (being led by a defiant toddler that screeched every time ANYONE came near her), I found this instead, and it was on the clearance rack.  $3.47/yard.  That's a deal!  So I settled.  (which I still have mixed feelings about).

I got a picture printed from when we were in Florida last year (12x18), Lila was wearing a red and white striped outfit, and she looked pretty darn cute, hot glued some ribbon to the back and hung it up.  So easy!

Next I printed a "Love One Another" sign from Becky Higgins. I printed mine in an 11x14 size, I knew that i already had a frame for that size, so this was perfect!  I'm still undecided about the feather, but for now it's pretty securely up there!

(Before starting this redo I hadn't noticed how much yellow and red she already had in ther room... books, frames, letters... all kinds of stuff)

While surfing blogland yesterday I spotted this:

I wanted to do something like that garland hanging on the wall, but I couldn't tell exactly what it was.  So I made up my own idea.  I had a bunch of random ribbon and a piece of nylon string.  Again, got out the trusty hot glue gun and glued away!  I ended up with this:

(Don't mind the humidifier, I have kids that get lots of bloody noses, this is supposed to help.  That's what they tell me at least)
After hanging it I had Matt come look... he walked in the room and said "What IS that?"  OK, so it may not be his favorite part of the room.  Whatever!

Years ago I had purchased a BUNCH of cheap white frames from Ikea.  I had planned to hang them up long ago, but again, never got around to it.  I had pictures in almost all of them, and I got three pictures printed for the ones that didn't have any yet.  I turned to my now good friend, hot glue gun, yet again!  I had started a "ribbon" theme and wanted to continue it.  So, the frames all got ribbon attached to them.  This is where Matt's help came in.  He's the math guy.  He's the perfectionist.  If it were up to me, these would have been hung in a more "Good Enough" fashion.  But, luckily it wasn't up to me. 

He got out his level and his ruler.  He then he gasped when he found out that all of the ribbons weren't exactly the same size, they were going to have to be hung at different levels to get the frames to be even.  But, humored me and went with it.  I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the end results.

And, do you want to know the best part of all of this (in Matt's eyes at least)?  If we moved out of this house tomorrow (or redecorated or something insane like that), there wouldn't be one hole in the wall or any additional paint to paint over.  Everything is removeable.  3M is going to have to start paying me (although they don't), I promote them so much. 

I think this may be my favorite room in the house now, and I think it will grow with her, we will probably put her in a big bed sometime this decade and I'm sure we can find a quilt or comforter to match something in this room!

Lila even likes her new room.  She loves to look at the babies on the walls, she loves to sit in her chair (which I realize doesn't match exactly) and read her books, and she loves to go to bed.  OK, maybe not that last one.  But she does like it!

(For some reason the "yellow" paint is looking all kinds of wonky colors, peach, tan, cream... but I promise, it's pale yellow)

Looking around to see what is next!!!

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