January 18, 2011

The tree that DIDN'T fall down

I am the type of person that is easily consumed by fear.  Ever since I can remember I've been scared that my house will catch on fire (resulting in my death, of course).  Or a tree will blow over (in a gentle breeze or a wicked thunderstorm) and come crashing down on my house, smashing all occupants (I've even been known to make my whole family sleep downstairs if there is a threat of storms at night). 

These are "what if's".  I have no logical reason to fear these things.  I know they are silly.  These are things that Satan put in my head to turn me away from God. 

When I was little and started to get consumed by these things I couldn't stop myself.  I would end up sobbing and shaking (no dad, it was not my attempt at stalling bedtime), it was very very real. 

As I've gotten older I've found a real cure for this fear.  Something that really does calm me down.  Completely. 


Knowing that God will protect me and that whatever happens is up to Him, puts me at ease (and to sleep).  And really, the worst that could happen is also the best that could happen. 

Looking over my BSF notes from this year I've noticed that God is teaching me more about this. 
Some notes I've jotted down regarding fear and faith:
  • Fear grows when we see circumstances from a human perspective, Faith grows when we see circumstances from a God perspective.
  • Some wise man once said (sorry, I don't know who this wise man or woman was): I am a man of many trials/troubles, most of which never happened.
  • If we look at things from God's perspective they aren't as big or awful as they seem. 
  • Faith looks to God to save instead of human effort.  Where am I relying on someone else or something to save me?
  • Fear of God is living by letting God be God.
  • Resolving to trust God over and over again builds a life of faith. 
  • We choose what we fix our minds on, God or our circumstances.
  • Satan makes us think of the things that could happen but rarely do.  God wants us to stay in today.
  • We can't control the oppositions/fears that face us, but we choose how to react.  Trust or give in?
  • Behind a life of great faith is a life of faithful prayer. 
There is so much more that God is teaching me as well, but that is for another day.

I will add that I've been doing BSF for many years.  It takes both time and commitment.  Some lessons are really hard.  Some are very convicting.  But I love it.  If your looking for a great study, you should check it out, there are men's classes, women's classes, day classes and night classes, and classes for the kids (during the mens or womens study. (or email me and I can give you more information.  bell(dot)lynette(at)gmail(dot)com )

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