January 26, 2011

Surgery Update

Just a quick update... many of you may already know from facebook.  I definitely didn't anticipate feeling this awful after surgery.  In fact, I anticipated being great by now, able to get out and about etc.  I knew that I wouldnt' be able to lift Lila, but didn't think I would still be stuck on the couch popping pain pills every four hours.  Due to the pain pills I can't keep my eyes open either.  Blah!

I ended up with two drains in again (same as when I had the original surgery).  The drains mean that I can't shower until they come out (hopefully on Friday).  I'm feeling rather gross right now, but have been able to wash up a few times and Matt helped me wash my hair this morning (luckily it's pretty easy these days). 

Prayers for quick healing and pain relief are much appreciated!


Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

I hope you are doing better soon, praying for you to feel better and heal quick. Thinking of you!

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

praying you will feel better soon! Do you need anything?? Please let me know...we would be more then willing to help in any way!