January 28, 2011

drains, doctors and dilauded

In lot's of ways this week has flown right by.  In many other ways, WOW, it's been a long week!  With surgery, anesthesia and pain pills everything that has happened from Monday on has been a blur.  If I've talked to you please know that I didn't mean to forget everything you and I said, I just did.  I had this after my previous surgery though as well, and kind of expected it.  Still stinks though.  The first few days home were horribly painful.  Yesterday I had the desire to get out of the house to go check out a sale rack at a store downtown Zeeland (important stuff, I know)!  I barely made it back home before throwing up.  Not sure what all that was about. So, then I went back to bed (on the couch). 

Last night I started taking one pain pill instead of two and feeling a bit more with it because of that.  This morning I actually felt pretty good.  I stayed on the couch until 10ish though, there is nothing I can do when I get up anyway.  I went to the doctor hoping to get the two drains out.  Actually, I was more than hoping.  I was planning on it.  Dumb.  Don't ever plan on anything.  I left that visit with two drains, same as when I went in.  The drains go right into my skin (or something) and suck the blood/fluid out so that it doesn't accumulate under the skin causing swelling and pain (that's my definition at least, not saying it's 100% accurate or anything).  The problem with carrying these drains around with me, aside from the fact that they are big and gross, is that my showers are limited to sponge baths right now.  I feel gross.  I've washed up a lot, I know that I'm clean, but there is something about the water running over your body that makes you feel cleaner.  (I promise, don't feel like you have to try that one out on your own). 

I made it through my appointment and my first haircut... and then quickly went home, took two pain pills and passed out on the couch.  I haven't moved yet.  My husband deserves a very big award for all he has done and is doing for me.  He is the best.  He doesn't complain, just does what needs to be done, expecting little to nothing from me.  I know that I'm lucky!

Long term my biggest issue is going to be not lifting Lila.  I've already forgotten a few times and attempted to grab her but was quickly reminded (and then consistently reminded for hours afterward) that she is above the recommended lifting limit.  We've got it figured out that she can climb on my lap and snuggle, but even then she somehow knows where to hit me, kick me or push on me to cause the most pain.  Oh well, this is it.  This is the end.  Wow!  The end, didn't know that I would ever be able to say that!  :)

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Nora said...

Yes! Everyday is one day closer to feeling like yourself again. It is truly a blessing to know someone as strong and positive as you!