January 19, 2011

Links I love... and projects I've made!

So, my posts have been sporadic at best.  I get that.  We've been busy.  But, I'm back!  I got up this morning and actually got excited that I may be able to do a blog post.  One that wasn't just words.  One that might include some pictures and links!

First... some of the projects I did this winter (Christmas presents mostly)...
My friend Kim taught me how to follow this pattern and sew this purse!  This one was for Bailey.  I made one for myself too (ultimately I'm not happy with how long the strap was though, but I made another one too, it's gray with black dots and ruffly)!

 I made these pillows (which I'm noticing now you can't see all that well).  The one that says "Bailey" was for Bailey (surprise) and the "peace" one was for my sister Angela for her birthday.  They both have some old chenille fabric on the front (w/ dots, something I got off ebay YEARS ago and finally was able to use) and a printed fabric on the back, the word is appliqued on.  The first one took me forever, the second one wasn't that bad (cutting out the fabric letters is actually probably the worst part of the whole process).  (There was no pattern for these, I bought a pillow from JoAnn's (on sale) and did the rest on my own)

There is also a brown and gold blanket there that was for Landon.  The brown is what the kids called a "squirrel fur".  Just a very soft material, but a nightmare to sew with.  There was brown fuzz EVERYWHERE.  Even sticking to the walls!  I made two other similar blankets as well, with minky fabric instead of the squirrel fur, but didn't take pictures of those.  They are nice, warm blankets though!
 And this is the advent "calendar".  Just a bunch of felt stockings that I sewed one afternoon with lot's of ric rac on them.  I love ric rac.  So fun!  Ultimately this will not be something we use long term, but it did what it was supposed to do.  The kids enjoyed looking in each day and finding what the surprise was and what story in the bible went along with it!  I always have good intentions on December 1, but by December 20 we are a few days behind and it get's overwhelming!  Each year I say we will do better! 

So, those are a few things I've made.  I haven't made anything in a long time now though, I'm sure I'll get the itch again soon and start back up!

And, on to the links!  Here are a few things I want to do when I do get that itch.  (some of them are just dreams, but cute ones!)

How About Orange is one of my favorite blogs to follow.  I've been following for a long time.  So much cute (orange) and modern stuff!
These flowers are fun...

These fabric wall decals:

These ornaments are fun... I know, wrong season, but I'm just catching up on a lot of my blog feeds:

I just (literally JUST) discovered this blog: kojodesigns
and look at these pillows:  I haven't had much time to surf around the whole site, but you can bet I'll be back!

And, there's the Tater Tots and Jello site that is always good for some fun ideas:
Here's a wooden name sign  (love the book one underneath as well) (actually made by the kojodesigns friends):

So much fun stuff, now to only find the time and the ambition!  Let me know if you find something you like or even better link me up if you try any of these!

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Megan said...

Lynette! You always link me up to the best blogs...I don't know whether to thank you or curse you, like I NEED to waste anymore time on the Internet?!?! Great job on your projects. :)