August 14, 2010

Note to self...

Cleaning out the closet takes a lot more effort and a lot more time these days.  I decided to get our closet clean this morning.  We do not have closet doors, so this really is a necessary evil.  Don't get me started on why we don't have closet doors, we just don't right now.  Never have actually.  Ten+ years of marriage and no closet doors.  In the big scheme of things, closet doors don't matter though! 

Matt was responsible for his half (actually more like 3/4) of the closet, so I didn't have that much to do. I've been really good the last 6 months or so of getting rid of clothes I don't wear, so there really isn't that much left as far as clothes go. But I do have a bag and blanket obsession that needed to be sorted through. That and all the little projects that have found thier way to the shelf, and the tub of shoes that lie on the floor. Anyway, it was a lot of work. By the end I was laying on the floor nearly sleeping with a back ache like I haven't had before. It occured to me that chemo really is taking a toll on my body. Even if I don't feel it every day. It's all accumulating, making life just a little bit harder. But, as always, it could be worse! It could be much worse.

Last weekend I had the honor of second shooting a beautiful wedding with my friend Becky (of Bee Tree Studios).  The details of this wedding were incredible.  Such a laid back, yet stunning event!

Landon had a fabulous time on his Possum Trip.  They went to Chicago, St Louis, Minneapolis and Madison.  You can read more about their trip here.

On Wednesday I was able to go with some friends and our daughters to Chicago for the day.  All of the girls bought new dolls at American Girl.  When we got to the store, I was completely stubborn about Bailey not getting a new doll, but in the end it was all her money and she could do whatever she wanted, so, a doll it was.  A curly hair doll.  While we were there we saw a doll getting her hair done at the salon, this doll and wicked hair.  Someone had had way to much fun with her.  I'm glad that Bailey got to see it so she knows that it can happen and that her mom really isn't that mean when I tell her not to do her hair to much!

We also hit up Cheesecake factory where our waiter was quite a charecter.  By the end (or actually middle) of the meal we were scared to say "thank you", our waiter ALWAYS responded with "No, Thank You.  That's my job, that's what I do" or "I'm here to take care of you beautiful".  The one time he said "your welcome" we all just looked at each other, not sure what was happening!

And, just because he is awfully darn cute... Elliot!

Speaking of cute, miss Lila is doing way more walking these days than she is crawling!  I would say we officially have a fourth "walker" in our house!  :)

Whoa, I just checked out the Susan G Komen "Team Bell" site... 102 member strong!  WOW!  You are all AMAZING!  If you haven't signed up and would like to or know someone that would go here!
If you wanted to order a long sleeve "Fight Like a Girl" t-shirt or sweatshirt the deadline is fast approching... information can be found here!

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