August 16, 2010

Losing my mind and painfully tired

WOW, what a difference a few days makes.  I am seriously losing my mind.  I can remember just about nothing.  I start doing something and can't remember what it is I'm doing (while doing it).  Two minutes ago I couldn't think of the website name where you can upload videos.  You know, the popular one.  The one everyone uses... yeah, that one.  I hope that it is just a result of being painfully tired.  Yes, I said PAINFULLY tired.  Worn out.  Fatigued.  I've been sleeping ok, so I'm guessing its just from the chemo, but it really stinks!  Seven more weeks!  Seven more weeks!  I CAN do it!  I'm still not "sick" and I can still do everything I need to do so I'm still considering myself very lucky, just had to complain for a minute!


kelli said...

It IS from being tired!!! No doubt. I am sooooo forgetful when exhausted! Hang in there

MandaKay said...

Hang in there girl, and you are SOOOO allowed to complain! Now go and rest! (By the way - I believe you were trying to remember youtube!) ;) J/K - I am sure you remembered it before now!

Praying all the time yet for you and your battle against this cancer!

The Grotenhuis' said...

Lynette, I think about you so much and you are in our prayers daily..... You CAN do it, and may definately complain whenever you want!!