August 9, 2010

Life in general...

I thought I would stop in and do a more thorough update, but I warn you right from the beginning, it's not that exciting.

Lila is walking more and more each day, I've found that putting her in a dress helps that situation.  Have you ever tried to crawl while wearing a dress?  It appears that it would be quite frustrating and so walking is a better option!  I still wouldn't call her a "walker", but it won't be long.  She is a feisty little girl, unafraid to let us know what she wants or more importantly, does not want (typically by screaching quite loudly).  Ahhh, life with girls!

Elliot is loving summer!  I was having him try some shirts on for fall the other day and he was putting up such a fight.  He doesn't like "regular" clothes.  He ONLY likes basketball shorts and basketball shirts (preferably sleeveless).  We've finally made progress in this area though, the only thing I ask of him is on Sunday's for church I get to pick out his clothes AND he get's to change right after church.  We discussed how I get to pic out his school clothes, as well, this fall, we have not yet discussed that this may include jeans or pants and long sleeves at some point, I'm sure that will once again be an adjustment that includes some tears or yelling.

Bailey has been working on keeping her room clean in hopes of getting a few toys back, it's not perfect, but I'm trying to remember that she is 9, it isn't supposed to be perfect.  She is getting some much needed one on one time this week.  She is already soaking it all up.  I'm pretty sure she won't be sleeping in her own bed all week either, she is so scared to be downstairs alone (see the following paragraph for the reason she is alone downstairs).  Matt doesn't get it at all, I on the otherhand, remember being afriad of the basement, and even my own bedroom, all to well.  Every little nonise was magnified to an unbearable point, every little noise must have been the monster lurking just beyond the door...

Landon left yesterday morning on a possum trip with a group from church.  If your unfamiliar with possum trips, it's basically where they travel at night (on a bus with beds) and wake up in a mysterious location each morning, the kids don't know where they are going until they get there, this particular trip (although I'm sure it depends on the group) is full of service projects along with other fun trips and activities!  Once the kids boarded the bus we received an itinerary for the trip.  He is going to have such a great time!  Yesterday they went to Willow Creek for church, they fed homeless in Chicago, went to Chinatown and visited Navy Pier.  This morning they should be waking up in St Louis and have another fun day planend there!

We had a great weekend, I made it through all the busyness better than I anticipated (thanks for the prayers).  Nothing really exciting to share.  The heat this week is going to be interesting.  I'm quite sick of the humidity.  Heat is ok alone but good grief, it get's nearly impossible to go outside when the air is this thick.  That said, I'm not ready for winter yet either... I guess you could say I will never be happy!

There's a pretty general update for you, sorry, life just isn't that exciting.

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Anonymous said...

1) Praying for relief from pain
2) Praying for more E-N-E-R-G-Y for you : ~ )
3) Praise God protected you in the accident (and your vehicle!) :)
4) Praying you'll realize how truly exciting your life is!!! You are an awesome writer and what you write is real, cute, interesting, comical, precious, joyful, reassuring, heartfelt, grateful, God-filled, faithful, and all-around good to hear!! "Lila in a dress to encourage her to walk" - comical, funny and oh to cute! "Elliot and his clothes preferences" The way you wrote about that was adorable!!! - and I can soooo relate! Haley & I can never see eye to eye it seems - I'm seriously trying to keep my suggestions to myself (praying about that actually) so I don't hurt her feelings. She wore shorts to church when she slept over at her cousins a few weeks ago and I was shocked. I've always told her we would "dress up" on the Lord's day. "Lila & her room staying clean" - You're too funny!!! My general premise is "cleanliness is next to Godliness & God is a God of order" & I ask Haley to always place items on her bed instead of the floor when she doesn't feel she has time to put them away immediately (it works great!), "Landon on Possum trip" - how exciting and wonderful that he's part of something so awesome!!! Your children are such a blessing to you and it shows! Praying for you to feel better and have more energy Lynette!!! God bless, Karen Turner