August 7, 2010

2:33 am

Yes, it's the middle of the night, yes, I'm once again awake.  My memory is not serving me as well as it used to and I've been meaning to blog about this for a week or so now.  So, since I'm awake here you go:

Many of you have asked when I will have another PET or CT scan to make sure the chemo is working.  I had never been told anything about it but finally remembered to ask.  I will not be having another one.  Because the first one was clean there is no reason to have another one.  If ever I start to have problems of one sort or another then they will be quick to do one, but in the meantime they say the additional radiation combined with the stress that comes with the fact that they always find something on those scans (making you wait 3 months until they can do another one to see if anything has changed), it just isn't beneficial to do. 

So, there's that.  I still think that my mind would be put at easet to just check things out, but for now I'm trusting my doctor to make the right decicions.  She knows how I feel about this and I fully trust that she has my best interest in mind.

OK, trying to get some sleep now... we'll see!

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