July 15, 2010

Taxol #1

This week I had my first Taxol treatment.  What a long day that was!  Because it's the first dose they have to administer it much slower than normal.  Much, much slower.  I was there for almost 6 hours.  At one point I was given a rather large dose of Benadryl, and as hard as I tried to stay awake, I just couldn't.  I was so out of it that I felt as if I was coming out of surgery. 

Normally, before going in I also put some Emla cream on my port to numb the skin prior to the needle being inserted.  Oops.  I forgot it this time.  But no worries, I will NEVER do that again.  Ouch!  It was still hurting a little Tuesday evening. 

Basically after I slept in the office for a while, I was totally fine.  I ended up being able to join some friends for dinner Tuesday night and making it until almost 10:30 that night.  No nausea or anything this time, just a little extra tired (yet unable to nap) and a bit of tingling in my fingers, which is completely normal.  I can handle this!

Matt's been fishing which give me time to work on a few decorating projects around here (b/c it's so much easier when he's gone, did I ever tell you about the time that I took the sawzall to our pool at the old house while he was gone for the weekend? or all the times I started painting projects while he was gone?).  Simple and cheap things that are sure to make a difference here at my house.  If you've been here in the last 2 years you have probably noticed the lack of things hanging on my walls.  But that is all about to change!  I can't wait to show you pictures... soon!

Right now I'm about to wake up my daughter and bring her to camp for two nights!  Have a great Thursday!

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