July 30, 2010

Not much to say...

or maybe I just don't have time to say anything! 
We've been busy over here.  I tried typing out something lengthy, but in the end it was a jumbled mess of words so I'll give you a quick overview instead!

I'm feeling great.  Too good really.  I can't find much to complain about.  Taxol is going great, no really terrible side effects.  The biggest one I'm noticing is just being tired.  I'm trying to get to bed on time, but "on time" seems to be getting later and later. 
I do get to go through physical therapy again, the cord that was causing me trouble is still there, and as of just this morning seems to be causing quite a bit of pain.  All tolerable, just irritating.  Physical therapy just means more appointments.  I'm sick of appointments. 
On Wednesday I had a 3 month checkup with Dr Hoberman and then I went home and started cleaning/purging.  I made it through Lila's room, the basement "family room", and Bailey's room.  I was cleaning from 11am until 10pm.  I was worn out in the end, but felt like I definately got something accomplished (more on this later).

We have been spending lot's of time at the beach (the kids and I).  It's been great.  We try to go quite early, beat the crowds and get a good spot by the water, and by the time we leave it's always a sea of people and umbrellas! 

He's been busy at work (praises for that)!  Football starts in a few weeks so that too will keep him busy.  He's been slowly working on my little projects at home (they aren't done yet, which is why you still haven't seen pictures). 

Not much new to report.  No current sports going on, he is leaving on a possum trip with church in a week and a half.  We won't find out where he is going until he is on the bus leaving, but it should be a great trip. 

Bailey turned 9.  We celebrated at the beach with some of her friends (and mine) for the day!  We took her out for ice cream instead of birthday cake in the evening.  She picked a "Banana boat" from Captain Sundae, I think it was more about getting the biggest thing she could than what it actually was, she ate about 4 bites of the thing.  After that she wanted to go to Target to spend a gift certificate so we were there until almost closing time, way late for me, but she had fun!  She has been very into art creations lately.  She really would like her own art room like one of her friends, but her budget doesn't allow for an addition on the house so were going to look for an old (a.k.a cheap) table to put down there for her.

She also spent a few nights at my aunts house in St Joe this week.  She had a great time with them and can't wait to do it again!  She had so much fun upon her return showing me all of her art projects!  While she was gone we went through her room.  My blood pressure was very low before beginning that process.  I went through her closet and pulled out items that were a size 5, I went through her Polly Pockets and pulled out about 15 dolls without heads, I went through her Barbie's and threw away half the dolls, not to mention all of the "extra" junk sitting around that we threw away.  Matt said that someday Bailey will be a t.v. star... she'll be on "Hoarders".  We filled the garbage can (the outside one) with all of the junk from her room.  I really thought she would be mad, but she doesn't seem to mind all that much, she actually likes that we cleaned her room!  Whatever.

Oh Elliot.  What can I say about him?  He loves having a big brother and sister.  He loves when Landon has friends over, he loves Landon's friends.  (Bailey isn't so nice to him when she has friends over.)  He has a knack fo rmaking us laugh.  A lot.  He all of a sudden has a fear of monsters and ghosts as well.  I'm pretty sure it's a stall tactic of his, because he always hears noises in his room when it's time to get pajamas on.  He can never decide on which pajamas to wear either, such a difficult decision!  :)

She took her first steps while getting ice cream for Baileys' birthday.  Why is it no surprise that all it took was food?  She is slowly walking more and more.  It makes me both happy and sad all at the same time.  I think she will be happier if she can walk, but it's just one more stage we are leaving behind.  The girl definately knows her food, go ahead, next time you see her ask her if she wants to eat, but make sure you have food on hand because that girl knows what "eat" is and she WILL want food!  ;)

Very often I forget that I have cancer.  It definately helps that I'm feeling great and haven't had any really terrible side effects from the chemo.  One of the major changes for me has just been all the appointments and trying to keep everything straight, but that's nothing terrible.  This is probably the main reason I can stay so "strong" (not my word, but something I've heard a few times from others), I'm not sick, I can keep up with the day to day (for the most part).  I only think about cancer on Tuesdays when I'm at chemo and on thursdays when I see Dr Dodde, other than that it's on the back burner. 

Last night though it was brought back to reality.  Cancer is not a joke, it is very real and a very real part of my reality.  My heart was broken to hear that Lindy had cancer again, the doctors found two brain tumors.  No one deserves cancer ever, much less cancer twice.  Please say a prayer for her and her family and the doctors.  We all know that God does amazing things, let's storm the gates of heaven with prayers!


Amy Babinec said...

It's so fun to hear all about your family & how fast the kids are all growing! You've got a huge head-start on the room cleaning too, I always tell my kids that as soon as they're back in school "I'm going in!" & I get to Pitch & Purge. I can get trash bags full of stuff that they never even realize is gone. How sad is that? It's so great to hear that you're still feeling good too!! We'll keep the prayers coming, for you & your family & for others fighting cancer battles too.

Anonymous said...

We always battle at bed time with stall tactics too. Kyler always comes out and something is always hurting, his head, his leg, a scratch that is from 3 weeks ago or he just wants a kiss and hug (and of course I can't pass that up)
Dani Z

Sluiter Nation said...

my favorite line in all of that wonderful family news? "Very often I forget I have cancer." Praying for you and praying for Lindy.