July 19, 2010

Friends and prayers

I feel as if I've been neglecting this blog and you all lately.  I'm here, I just don't have words for my thoughts and there really hasn't been anything new or exciting happening.  Not to mention we have been slightly busy!

Last week I think Matt and I just passed each other every day, or didn't see each other at all.  It was a crazy week for our schedules.  Monday night I worked at Paint a Pot, Tuesday I had chemo all day and then was able to make it to dinner with some great girls in the evening, Landon babysat and Matt went to a "meeting" for football.  Wednesday night Matt went fishing (for perch this time!  yum!).  Thursday morning I dropped Bailey off at Camp Geneva with her friend Maddie.  Thursday night Matt and I were actually both home, we decided to go to the ball fields for a bit and watch Cobe play (a.k.a. WIN!).  Thursday night Landon stayed at my parents house so that he would be ready to leave for Black Lake in the morning, so on Thursday and Friday we only had two kids.  Crazy how we used to think we were busy with 2!  Saturday afternoon we picked Bailey up from camp and stayed and let the kids play in the water for about an hour, super nice.  Camp Geneva has a great water area for everyone, including Lila!

A couple of pictures from some of the GREAT girl time I've had lately!

EJ and I... EJ is almost 37 weeks pregnant, and back in Vermont.  It was great having her stay here for a few days and be able to catch up with her!

I can't even believe I would post this picture, but whatever, it's me!  We hung out with the girls one evening in my basement.  Apparently everyone thought it was a bit chilly down there, can you tell?  Oh, and we played the "Ungame", it was a BIG hit!  This version was from 1975, it's a classic!

Kim was here from California last week, we finally got to meet her little man (shown behind Lila's big head, yes, that's lila the almost naked baby on Julie's lap)

I have to say, I've been very blessed lately to be able to hang out with some great girlfriends!

Tomorrow is another chemo day.  I'm praying for a much quicker visit this time!  :)

I've made not of some great thoughts in my devotions recently that I wanted to share:
I will consider this whole cancer deal worth it if in the end I look more like Jesus, sound more like Him, even smell more like Him.  I want it to be obviuos that I've spent time with Him.  It's worth it, if somehow I can honor You by going through this experience, whatever the outcome.  So I'm asking you to make it worth it.  Make me more like Jesus.  Make it undeniably evident that You are at work in my life.  Honor Yourself.  Part of a prayer written by Joanne Arentson from Praying Through Cancer

Holy Spirit, please develop in me the fruit of joy - a joy that's not based on my circumstances, but on my relationship with my Father.  Let me be joyful in the simple gift of another day to love and be loved.  Part of a prayer written by Lynn Eib from Praying Through Cancer

Lord, how grateful I am that my prayers always rise to You in heaven and You hear each one.  Even the quietest prayers of my heart born out of faith are as important as my loudest prayers ignited by fervency.  Thank You that You will hear and answer them all.  How blessed am I to have You as the center of my life.  A prayer based on Revelations 8:4, from The Power of Praying Through the Bible by Stormie Omartian. 
Now that I'm not faced with being sick every day, I feel as if my prayers have gotten quieter, not quite as passionate always.  I still pray frequently, I pray for many people frequently.  I pray for myself, my husband and my kids frequently, but I feel as if I may not be praying as powerfully as I did when first diagnosed.  But, I am reassured by reading this.  They are all prayers of my heart, and they all mean just as much to him as my prayers of 2 months ago or 2 weeks ago. 

**Coming soon:
1)pictures of my recent decorating project, it's not completely done yet, we ran out of black paint, I did get the first part hung up, just a few more things to hang.  I REALLY like it though and can't wait to show you!
2) Blueberry picking pictures
3) Almost 9 year old pictures (of Bailey)
4) and whatever else I can come up with!

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Samantha said...

LOL Love the ungame pictures! I think we should try it again but perhaps I will wait a year before I bring it out of the old closet again so you all have a chance to recover.