July 21, 2010

As promised...

Bailey will be turning 9 next week.  Hard to believe.  She is her own person, a little bit tomboy, a little bit girly!  She is creative, always coming up with something else to make, draw, paint, staple, tape... I love this girl!

Blueberry pictures:  We had a great time.  This is the first time Matt has ever gone with us.  Typically we go in the morning, but it's been so hot lately that I haven't had the desire to go, but Monday night was a beautiful night for picking!  We left with only 11.5 pounds, I'm sure we will be going back soon!  Lila even got in on the action, I pushed her stroller right up to a bush and she kept herself happy picking all kinds/colors of blueberries and immediately consuming them! 

Laundry:  Lila loves to do laundry.  More than anyone else in my house.  If I say "Let's go do laundry Lila", she crawls her little butt right into the laundry room and stands at the dryer.  She is a pro at getting everything out of the dryer and handing it to me (or throwing it on the floor if I'm not quick enough).  But, she HATES it when I close the dryer and she can't get anything else out.  This is her throwing one of her temper tantrums, she screamed and cried (while her loving mommy took pictures) for almost 10 minutes!  Whatever!

Like I said, this girl (Bailey) can create.  She made these costume for herself and Elliot!
(Not sure what Elliot's face is all about here!)


Joanne said...

I LOVE these blueberry family photos, Lynette. Really nice!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, spectacular, precious, adorable, inspiring, and I could go on... You're photos are so wonderful and your blog is happy, fun-filled, exciting, sweet, loving, and so full of joy!!! Happy bday to Bailey!! She's a treasure for sure! Love the costumes!!! She and Haley she get together sometime. Haley loves to be creative too (pretty much no tv will bring out that creative side for sure). Praying for God's healing upon you and for you to stay strong and positive as you continue your fight against this crazy cancer. Oh, my neighbor had on a "Fight like a girl" tshirt Monday night. Wondered if it was part of your "Team Bell" efforts. She is 84 and has memory deficits, so she is unable to confer. She said her granddaughter got the shirt for her. Too cute!! Wishing you all the best!!! Love, The Turners