December 2, 2009

Part of the Christmas Pictures

While the older kids were away at school we had a little fun with the little ones! Fun for me anyway.
They were actually quite willing, Elliot was especially willing once I promised him he could put on basketball pants after we were done! Whatever works!
I was quite happy with the results, now I have to get the older ones seperately and then all four of them together (they are SOOO looking forward to that)!


MandaKay said...

These are adorable Lynette!!! Can't wait to see the rest!

sarahbrummel said...

Three comments on the pics so far:
1.) These are adorable
2.) I love Elliot's haircut but he looks so grown up
3.) Lila's neck turns to amazing angles. How does she do that?

sarahbrummel said...

its just the second pic of Lila her head is turned at a 90degree angle. It doesn't look bad it just surprised me a baby could do that.