December 14, 2009

Christmas Pictures Take 2 and Snow Day

It wasn't quite as ideal to photograph the older kids Christmas pictures, the light wasn't nearly as bright, but I like what we got. We may still try to do a retake though, next week (I'm sure they will LOVE me)

2 snow days last week. We needed to do something to keep busy, so on Wednesday we tried decorating a gingerbread house. DISASTER! The roof was cracked, multiple times, the gingerbread was cracked, it was awful. We tried fixing it, but thatw asa disaster too. So, the when I gave up and said "Whatever", the kids being the great kids that they are made lemonade out of the lemons and took the roof off and decorated anyway!
Our repair attempts...

Elliot and his gingerbread...
The not so finished, not so fixed gingerbread house...
How would you like to live in that house?
They took out the Halloween candy to decorate the roofless house more. (Did I just admit to still having Halloween candy sitting around?)

Isn't it beautiful?
They made cookies out of the roof... doesn't this one look just delicious?
A chocolaty one...
Watching the whole thing.

On Thursday we just hung out and cleaned and played games, and then on Friday, the kids got to go back to school, we were all a little happy about that, except Elliot. But only a little, I really do enjoy having them home! I'm considering it practice for Christmas break.

Saturday prior to these snow days, we also decorated our Christmas tree. It started off that I wanted a "pretty" tree, but the kids got so excited about the older ornaments that we had lying around that we went with a kid friendly tree. I don't mind the hodge podge of ornaments either, they are mostly ones from Matt and my childhood so it's kind of fun to rmeember as we decorate! And, I still think the tree is pretty!

Getting the ornaments out.

So excited to decorate.

Lovin' the lights!
The kids and the tree!
She loved the beads.

We had our first Christmas party yesterday followed by a concert at church. Tonight we get to go watch Landon's choir concert, busy week ahead and then more parties next weekend, and the kids are home again next week, for two weeks!

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Meeuwsens said...

Wanted to tell you I love Elliott's hair cut...its so cute. And we love to watch Lila during church...who wouldn't smile at that adorable little face?