November 13, 2009


Just read this post here from this blog and I think we will try it this year for the kids, I too am overwhelmed by CLUTTER. There are SO many toys around my house that need to be either pitched or donated, either b/c they are no longer played with or they are broken or missing pieces that make them unusable. I'm SICK of it! This is another post on the same blog that I found very useful. I've always felt this way. If I'm only going to have 3 shirts that I can wear, I want them to be good quality shirts. Better to have stuff that is going to last through lots and lots of wears than an abundance of stuff that is going to fall apart in a month.

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Emily said...

Thanks for linking!

sarahreck said...

I just want you to know I read this blog entry and it motivated me to clean my closet and get rid of some things. I still have too much!! The other thing from this blog I thought of was what should I get your kids for Christmas?