November 9, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

In no particular order...

1. The weather today! My house smells like spring! I love the smell of spring and am choosing to ignore the fact that it's not spring.

2. Tassimo... it's get's me through the morning. And the afternoon if I make it again. Otherwise I can't make it through the afternoon with my eyes open.

3. This makes #2 taste so much better. I'll admit, I'm a little addicted to trying all the different flavors. Unfortunately I've found a few that I find to be gross.

4. BSF, so good for me and necessary for me.

5. My camera. I would really love this one insead, but can hardly justify a new camera already! There are some new lenses that I would LOVE too, in time!

6. Here and here. Did I mention I got a part time job, working just one to two nights per week. I like it!

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