November 3, 2009


I'll admit, I let all the hype scare me. Petrify me actually. But now that it's here I'm not as scared anymore. I don't know if it's because I'm trusting God to contain it and care for her or if it's because it really just doesn't seem to be that bad. Sure, she's miserable, and hot, and crabby, and tired, and doesn't like to eat, but it doesn't seem any worse than any typical illness.

On top of this, she also seems to have an eye infection, which seems to be related to her tear duct being clogged still (since birth). We've started her on an eye drop 4 times per day and Tamiflu 2 times per day. Heres to praying that it ends quickly and we can all stay healthy...

She was able to get her H1N1 vaccine today and her seasonal flu shot today also, they wouldn't/couldn't give it to Elliot, which I was torn on, I almost wish he could have had the H1N1 instead of Lila, she already has it, doesn't that make her immune now?

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Sarah said...

I don't get that at all! What was the reason for NOT giving it to Elliot????

Praying for a quick recovery for lil Lila Bell! So sorry she is suffering!