June 25, 2012

Lets get real...

When you talk are you giving people the impression that your life is PERFECT?

We all do it.

We highlight the great parts of our days, kids, marriages etc. we all know in reality that no one has a PERFECT life, yet when that is what we hear over and over and over again, what are we supposed to think?

I'm not thinking of anyone in particular with this post, so don't get all paranoid or anything, I'm mostly reminding myself that I want to be real. Without sounding as if I'm complaining. Or overdoing it.

 Because sometimes I think I sound like a wicked witch of a mother, but I promise I'm not (most of the time).

 I'm just being completely honest.

 I do yell at my kids when I've had enough. And sometimes I yell because I'm overwhelmed with things that have nothing to do with them.

 I do disagree with my husband. And, I do hold a grudge. Silently. For a little while.

 I do feel forgotten sometimes. By family, friends, God. And I do get sad. Sometimes I cry. (that brings me to a whole other topic though...)

 I do feel like a failure as a parent. I haven't taught them enough about how to spend and save wisely. Or how to be a good friend. Or how to be compassionate. Or how to use common sense. Are they going to be ok in life because of all of my failures? I don't know. And sometimes it worries me.

 But, those things are all normal. Why cant we all just be honest about it?

 And to clarify...
 I know that I am the best mother I can be.
I'm the best wife I can be.
I'm the best friend I can be.

 I think this post has gotten away from me again... But what I really wanted to say was... Try to be real. Let the walls down, reveal a little of yourself, we can all learn from each other!

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Meeuwsens said...

Thanks for being real b/c you described me to a tea! :) Been tough being a nice mommy around here with Brian gone week after week.