June 5, 2012

Prayers please

Not for me.  But for a lot of other people.

Do you have those days when you scroll quick through facebook and see sadness after sadness?  And then you go through your blogs quick and see more?  And you know that all you can do is pray?  But you don't feel as if it's enough?  And so you want to ask those around you to pray with you?

Please just be aware of those around you and the prayers they may be needing.

If you could specifically pray for:
Lindy, Dusty and family
Matt's Grandma Helen, she is in the hospital right now (since late last week) due to bleeding on her brain
Those that have recently had babies, specifically those whose babies are experiencing complications right now,
Those undergoing treatment for cancer
All the teachers and kids who are about to be done with school for the summer
Safety for those traveling right now
Those grieving the loss of a loved one

This is by no means an exclusive list, I'm positive there are many things going on that I know nothing about, there are things that no one knows anything about, just God, which is why we pray to Him.

1 comment:

terp said...

My heart is breaking. I am joining you in praying.