July 10, 2012

Summer Scene

First of all, a few pictures:
My sister Sarah got married this past winter and had a reception/party a few weeks ago.  This is just a pic of the girls, enjoying their slushies!

My kiddo's at the reception/party

Me and this guy.  Love him.

Balloon drop in downtown Zeeland.  Each balloon had something in it.  The ones we captured had dollar bills and coupons/gift certificates for various stores.  There were lots and lots of people.  Free stuff.  In Zeeland.  Of course there was!  (You should have seen the ice cream line... YIKES)

Look at all of those hands reaching up to grab balloons!

Bad picture, but just shows how crazy it was!  Lila got stuck in the crowd... oh, and I forgot to mention, when the balloons dropped, they were either popping by themselves, or people were popping them and it was LOUD.  She didn't like that!

So... doesn't this look FUN?  Terrible picture, but just notice how packed that ladder is to go up.  And look at those little faces turning around, looking for mom or dad, thinking "Why did I do this?".

With Sadie's help, Lila made it up.  And down.  And up again.  And down again.  And then she was done.

Just 'cause.

Daddy's already helping fix her car... Love that hand on arm!

How our garden grows!

What's not to love here?

Landon left Sunday night with the Middle School youth group on a mission trip of sorts, it's called a Possum trip.  Basically, they travel all night and wake up in a new place each morning where they do service projects and entertainment stuff as well.  The kids don't know where they are going.  The parents don't know where they are going (until the child is almost on the bus ready to leave).  Monday they woke up in Hershey PA and today they were in Maryland.  These kids are going to make some great memories.  You can follow their journey here if you want.  They could use some prayers too.  Started off with a bus that didn't have air conditioning (imagine that stink), switching buses set them a little behind schedule, there was an accident which could cause major headaches for the bus company (everyone was fine), it seems as if Satan is trying to attack every time they turn around!

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