March 7, 2012

Joseph Kony - my thoughts


Earlier today I had never heard the name "KONY".  But I saw it EVERYWHERE on facebook.  So I looked into a bit more and ended up watching this 29 minute movie.  Yup, that's a long time.  Now I know who Joseph Kony is.  And I don't like him.  I don't like what he does to innocent children.  Do you know who Joseph Kony is?  Check out the video and you will!

There is ALWAYS a flip side.  There are always questions.  My question... what happens if/when Kony is caught?  Who will take his place?  Because I'm sure there is some evil person just waiting to do it.

This was found on facebook, a comment from a facebook user on the Invisible Children facebook page...
Maybe check out this site before you believe everything a music video says. Invisible Children took in over $8 million last year, 68% of it was used to fund inner organization dinners, hotels, plane rides, parties, filmmaking and paying organizers, trustees and promoters. 32% actually made it to Uganda where it was then used to fund a militant army to fight Kony. Except that the newly developed teenage army has been raping, robbing and murdering the people they were supposed to protect. So although the video has promoted awareness of the plight of these children, it has manaipulated the facts and is in turn manipulating the public. Also, the US government has tried multiple times to capture or kill Kony, they are not "failures", they simply refused to shoot down in cold blood a wall of nine year old children being used as barricades to get to this man. They and the rest of the world are trying to rescue these children without killing hundreds more in the process. Sidenote: 5,800 innoncent civilians were killed under a Syrian dictatorship in the past year, 5 times what was killed in any one year under Kony. But because there was no music video made or merchandise available, the facebook public ignores it in favour of the most popular bandwagon to jump onto according to mass media. It is sad that people needed a facebook video to pay attention to what has been on the news all along.

I don't know how much of that is true or accurate, but it's worth looking into.

Also found this, here (part of a very long article written 5 years ago):
Perhaps you are now aware that there is a problem, perhaps you know that there is more to this world than just your country, your state, and your little hometown.

and, this was in the comments section of the above article:

So... there you have it.  My take on Kony.  And in case you missed what my take was I'll give it to you straight...  I'm undecided.  I plan to look into it more before I make a decision.  If nothing else, this video has made me aware.

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Just one more link... with lot's more links on all sides of the subject!  

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