February 25, 2012

A new baby

Big event this week for our family!  We were joined by a new nephew!  Parker has a new big brother!  I have a feeling we may be spending a LOT of time out in jenison in the new future checking in on Archer and Parker.  Someone was immediately in LOVE, and he is ALL she talkes about now.  She was trying to convice us to go see hin again on the way out of the parking lot!
Bummer that she will never have a baby like that at our house.  Yup.  Bummer.  She will have to spend time with Josh and Bobbie to get her fix!  Bummer.  He is slightly cute and does make me want to snuggle with him!  Next step is to see Parker with hin!  Hoping we will be able to do that sooner than later!

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