May 19, 2011

Bluebird Cancer Retreats :: Part 2

Saturday morning we were up bright and early - breakfast @ 7:30am.

After breakfast there were 2 speakers, both talked about healing with the whole body.  We did some different breathing excercises and really just relaxed.  I didn't agree with everything everyone said, but was always able to take something away.  Simple things really, but at the time, things I needed to hear.  God knew. 

After lunch, in true camp form, we had arts and crafts.  We got to build and paint a bluebird house!  My house is currently hanging on a tree in my backyard and if a bird never moves in that's ok, it's a bright pop of color in my backyard. 

After lunch it was elective time.  We had signed up for different treatments that were scheduled throughout the afternoon.  I signed up for relexology and a massage.  It would be my first time trying either one of them. 

The massage felt great.  Why did I wait this long to try it?

The reflexology was interesting.  I really knew nothing about it going in.  So ignorant in fact that I was caught off guard when this lady wanted to see my feet.  My feet aren't exactly my best asset.  I'm definitely a skeptic, so I don't know how that affected what she did, but the one thing I did notice was after I told her that I carry a lot of stress in my jaw, she massaged the top of my big toe, just under the nail and I think it really did loosen up! 

It was great to be able to try things I would have otherwise not done, and I definitely have plans for future massages!

Later that night we had a campfire.  We were lucky enough to have a very talented guitar and sax player among us.  My new friend C was blessed with an amazing voice, so we listened to music for a while.  One song we sang that was reminiscent of my days at Camp Concordia was "It only takes a spark" and C sang an amazing song "Love in every language" (just finding out now that it's by Sandi Patt, something else reminiscent of my childhood).  Then we talked.  About everything and nothing, all at the same time. 

I don't really like campfires because of the smell and how it saturates everything, but this was a perfect fire, the wind was blowing just strong enought to blow all the smoke away and I didn't smell at all at the end of the night!  (Thanks God)!

Sunday morning after breakfast we did some morning reflections and closing circle.  We were also visited by "Sister Sue" who was quite funny!

It was an amazing weekend.  I was refreshed, brought bacvk to a more peaceful place that I hadn't been in a while.  Thank you Bluebird Cancer Retreats, thank you Bluebird staff, volunteers, all my new friends, the nurse at Cancer & Hematology who sent me and most of all, Thanks be to God!

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Anonymous said...

As usual, your writing made me smile! You sure have a way with words... One minute I'm choked up...the next I'm chuckling! Sounds like this retreat was a wonderful gift for you!!! So thankful & glad you could attend!! From the birdhouse, to campfire singing, to Sister Sue (she's been to Freedom Village many times to encourage, befriend, & lift up residents here) and the massage/reflexology segment... it all sounded spectacular and worthwhile! Funny how you learned about the unique techniques re: feet and relief of pain... that's so totally cool! Also, I indulged in one massage a year ago or so and it was incredible to say the least. James, Haley & I try to give eachother massages periodically and that is always a gift we wish we gave more often to eachother. It's amazing how beneificial and wonderful they are. Thanks again for sharing!! Happyness to you!!!! Karen