April 22, 2011

Picture Heavy Birthday Post

This is a train table.  It has been an annoyance since month two.  While it was well loved and used, it was rarely used for it's intention and it took up a lot of room.  I've been looking for an art table for Miss Lila so that she doesn't ruin my coffee table anymore than she already has.  Cha-Ching... this table can be flipped over.  One side has water and grass for the train set, the other side was just partical board.  Was being the key word.  It is now a chalkboard and it is now sitting in my living room getting lot's and lot's of love!
 This bunny was fashioned after this pattern.  I used an old receiving blanket for the material and I stuffed it with rice so it can now be warmed in the microwave and used as a heating pad! 
 I've been busy making pillows as well.  From left to right.
1.  Burlap with a stenciled B, trimmed in orange ric rac. 
2. Lime green with aqua ruffle.
3. I used this pattern.  I cut all the pieces at our craft night at church and sewed it together the next day in less than half an hour!  Love it.
4. Lime pillow w/ aqua tie.
 This was another fun project, specifically for birthday party decorating!  I cut out lot's and lot's and lot's (and lot's) of 2" circles from scrapbook paper.

 and then I sewed them all together to make "streamers"!  Love it!  these may repurpose themselves into either Lila's room or the basement after her party this weekend!
 Just some fun pictures of my 2 year old!
 The updated table.  Lila is holding the picture we used for her birth announcement.  Her name in chalk, her as the I!

 Not sure why I love this picture so much, but I do love those lips!
 And, she asked to sit on the potty yesterday too.  She did nothing, but whatever.  I'm in NO hurry to get her potty trained!

 Yummy cake from Second Floor Bakery!
 Me and my girl!


robbie said...

Oh, how I love these pictures! Especially the one of her sitting on the chalkboard! Happy 2nd birthday, Lila!

Denise said...

That was from Denise... not my husband!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh this is such a fun, happy, creative, and inspirational post!!! I love everything about it! The pictures of Lila are so unbelievably adorable!!! (You are an excellent photograher!!!)She is so, so, so cute!!! They sure do grow fast!!! The pillows you made are awesome!!! I'd love to do something like that someday!! I'm hoping to schedule some sewing classes for Haley & I to take soon. You're rice pillow is too cute too! We use rice pillows all the time in the winter to send Haley to sleep warm & cozy. Don't ever warm it more than 2 minutes as we learned by accident that the microwave can catch on fire (ours did as James accidentally set the time for 20 minutes instead he thinks). Love the train table idea too!!! And the colorful streamers!!! I love all of your crafty ideas and more importantly your love of God and family!!! You are a very Godly woman and I am blessed to peruse your blogs from time to time (I hope you don't mind - a friend from church told me about your blog last year and I wanted to support you in you some way, shape or form during your fight with cancer). At any rate, thank you once again for sharing! It put a huge smile on my face and a song in my heart (thank you for that!!!) God bless you, your faith, your ministry, your family, and all you do!!
Karen Turner