February 26, 2010

For all the moms...

or anyone who does laundry actually!

We used to be addicted to an Amway Stain treater, but it seems that since our last bottle was gone they may not make it anymore, so we were at a loss. Seriously, that stuff got out EVERYTHING! Nothing else has ever compared! Until now.

We have been using Tide Stain Release for a few weeks and I have been super happy with the results. Lila had her first bloody nose a while back and I didn't realize that there were a few stains on her "Blankie", so when I finally realized it I washed the blanket with the stain release and voila... no more blood! Lila has also had some pretty bad diapers lately, the kind that stain bad and come right out of the diaper, but it is not the problem that it used to be, nope, all gone!

OK, just had to share, when I find something I like I like to pass it along!

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