June 26, 2009

Waiting for the fountain

Here's how the morning went...

Me: "Kari and Mayci want to go to the fountain with us... ok, sure see you there around 10ish"
Me, E and Sadie (and Lila) arrive at fountain just after 10... it's not on.
Me (on phone): "Kari, it's not on... ok you want to go as in the store... sure, I'll sit with my kids, you go ask"
Kari: (asks at store/bank, they say maybe 10:30, or 11)
Me: (bright idea bulb goes off...) Maybe the fountain is motion activated. "Elliot go run on the fountain to see if it turns on" "Nope, that didn't work"
Sadie & Elliot look in the holes to try to find water... again, no luck

Looking in stagnant water fountain, spitting in the fountain, contributing to the nastiness (but looking oh so cute for a picture)

Me: Let's walk to the Peanut Store to waste some time
(Walk, walk, walk)
(Purchase candy at the Peanut Store)
(Walk, Walk, Walk)

Oh, the story goes on and includes stopping at one other store, a phone call to the bank, a phone call to the city, stopping various employees of various local restaurants, an employee of the USPS (none of which had answers)... more waiting, more waiting, more waiting and finally giving up, without ever seeing a drop of water being released from the fountain.

We'll have to try it again another time. Bummer!

This week has been super-d-duper busy. CRAZINESS. Bailey has been at day camp all week (spent the night last night), Landon has kept busy with various activities, including Baseball and VBS, I've helped at VBS 2 nights, Matt and I went to an open house last night, and tonight he is cleaning up tree's in the yard. Our yard is still a huge mess, sticks EVERYWHERE. Tomorow is a baseball scrimmage and then on Sunday Landon leaves for camp for a few days, returning the day after his birthday. Guess we'll have a party the next weekend. Or not. Who knows.

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Sarah said...

Cute pictures! They look like they had fun with or without the sprinklers! Lisa said Macatawa Bank might run them????