June 7, 2009

It's all good!

There is something about the one liner "status" updates on facebook that make it less intimidating to me. To be able to tell "it" in one line takes the pressure off, so in the spirit of facebook...

...had a great weekend!

It's all good...

Whats all good?

First of all, and most of all, my husband is good! He's amazing! Really. I mean it. He works so hard, doing so much, without ever complaining!

This swing... 45 minute naps are taken here!

Baseball... lost again, but it's still fun to watch!

Shopping success! Finally! Without ANY kids! (Whether or not I actually found anything to wear was beside the point, I was out without even one child... and again, my amazing husband was here at one point with 6 kids)

Cosmopolitan, with fruit!

Salmon dinner!

Lila's first real bath (she's been taking showers with me). She loved it!
Elliot got a little crazy with his hair!

Did you believe me when I said she was getting big? Now you do, look at those rolls!

Baptism followed by lunch with family & friends!

A visit with Josh & Bobbie and Parker. Parker is currently "rockin' out" under the Bili lights fighting a case of jaundice... say prayers that he can be in his mommy's arms again very very soon.


Sarah said...

Great picture of you and Lila from today! Love her happy, happy face in the bathtub. And wow! I could eat those rolls up! She doesn't look that "rolly" clothed! I also appreciate Matt as well because I so enjoyed our day!

The Neuman's said...

Lila has baby cleavage! So darn cute