June 15, 2009

Our Weekend

Has it really been a whole week since I posted... wow, that's got to be a record for me!

Friday we hung out at Sarah's pool... I got fried (still quite painful 3 days later if that tells you anything), but I did go stock up on Aloe and Sunscreen now, so no more excuses. After sunning myself and cleaning up we left our children in the ever capable (and evil, although we have no proof of the evil) hands of Sarah so that Matt and I could go out for dinner at the Melting Pot! YUMMY! If you've never been you just don't know what you are missing (but it's probably a smart choice, b/c while you are tasting wonderful food, you are missing a lot of your money when you leave there). It was absolutely delicious!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early in the rain to watch what we thought may be Landon's last baseball game with the Rays. It was the first tournament game... they won. So now we play again tonight! If they win we play again on Wednesday and on the off chance they win again, we play Thursday and then that would be the end of the tournament. Our baseball season will continue on until the beginning of August though, so we will still be busy, but that's ok, we planned no vacations for this summer b/c of Lila (good thing too)!

After the game is got nice out and this is what Matt did all afternoon...
Our backyard looks like this and our front yard looks very similar. 3 trees are down and the rest have had very generous trim jobs. Poor trees, Matt doesn't like leaves (or shade apparently)!

In the afternoon I took the kids and went to a birthday party for a friends little guy and then we went to have pizza at a friends house. It was a late night, but he kids all had fun, Elliot especially likes following the big guys around, or playing with the girls, or playing with the dog... whatever, he loves it all!

Sunday morning we all slept in until almost 10:00. Barely enough time to get ready for church, but we did it. In that time I also got breakfast in bed and a terabyte of memory for my birthday! After church I took a very long nap and then later we went to take pictures of the boys (Bailey was gone to a friends house already) and then hit up Target to pick up this game. Hopeing to find time to do it and that it makes a dent in my goal!


Beck said...

Those pictures turned out great, even without the painted wall! :) Good to see you today.

Sarah said...

I'll get proof one day of my evilness!!!!!!