September 11, 2008

Random thoughts

1. "House" starts on Tuesday at 8:00 on Fox! (Soooo, exciting!)

2. I wish bedtime came before 9:30 for the little one, but then he would get up in the morning before 9:00... hmmmm, what is more worth it to me?

3. I made some of my fav fall muffins tonight with the kids, who obviously proved to be a BIG distraction because we forgot the sugar! Ruined that joy for the day! (not that there weren't other ones)

4. Elliot screams for his bed multiple times in a day. He WANTS to go to bed.

Typical conversation...
E: Mommy... bed
Me: You want to go to bed Elliot?
E: Bed
a short time later
E: BED!!!! (Screamed very very loudly).
after a converstaion like this he will typically sit in his bed for up to half an hour, totally content. Let nme tell you why though... it's because the bed is the only place he is SUPPOSED to have his pipe. Sometime we give up and say whatever, or sometimes he will sneak into his room, sneak it out of his crib and close his door and just hide in there, or if I'm on the couch, he will sneak up and sit behind the couch and suck away. Sneaky lttle boy he is!

5. We went to the park with a friend (Sarah) and her kids today...

6. The first picture is not a "greenroom" at a local tv station, it's my living room... bailey had a big day, notice anything different????

(kinda hard to see, sorry... she got about 4+ inches cut off her hair and she now has "bangs", long ones though)

7. Love the little brother looking up to the big brother here...

8. And last, but certainly not least... we will never forget!

1 comment:

S Huiz said...

Love the picture of Sadie running through the grass!!!! I definitely need that one. Had fun at the park- thanks for going and for being my resident photographer! :-)

Tell B I LOVE her hair! She looks very grown up and as always, very beautiful!!!!

And your house looks amazing- I forget that you moved until reminded by things like this- your kitchen should be in a magazine.

I'm sad that the sugar in the muffins was forgotten- that means now I won't get one!!!!!!

PS- I am going to go home and nap this afternoon. I am exhausted. (Stayed up until midnight- very unwise.) So while Sadie is sleeping, so shall I!!!!