September 2, 2008

Little Miss & Mr Men

Did you know Target has a bunch of Little Miss & Mr Men stuff in thier dollar spot? Our favorite item (E's at least) is the GIANT chapstick! The kid LOVES his chapstick! LOVES LOVES LOVES it!

Here are a few pictures I just found of my little man and Sarah's little miss! The love each other!

No child was harmed in the making of this picture! Although at one point he did run away saying "Stop it, STOP IT!" He got over it though! :)


MandaKay said...

Cute cute pics of E and S!!!

Sarah said...

Attack by the naked girl!!!!! Such cute pictures- they do love each other. There are a lot of people over here that love Baby E!!!! And I am liking my rug even more after seeing it in that first picture.

Mary said...

These are the two cutest kids in the entire world. Just love it!