September 13, 2008


First things frist... I also highly recommend the new "Pumpkin Spice" Hershey Kisses! So much like eating a piece of pumpkin pie! YUMMMMMMMMYYYY! And I don't even really like pumpkin pie!

Landon had a football game this morning in this flood! Lovely huh? Lucky for me Marilyn could come here and watch the younger kids so I could go watch. I was very very wet by the time I returned home, but it was ok! They lost... 12-0 to an Allendale team. Bummer! Not a fun way to start the season, but it can only get better from here!

Matt took the kids to a birthday party for a friends daughter and I had to stay home to take some pictures this evening. Bummer that I missed the party, but really, I"m getting 2 hours of peace and quiet, can't get much better than that!

Enjoy your soggy wet weekend!


Anonymous said...

the candy corn and caramel ones are good, too. I almost bought a bag of each at Target, but then my will-power kicked in and I told myself I didn't need to eat two bags of candy and put on like 10 more pounds. LOL I love all the candy that comes out around now. Nothing like getting soaked at a football game... did Landon enjoy getting wet & muddy on the field? seems to me that the boys love that. glad you got some time to yourself. have a great week!

Sarah said...

I already indulged in a bag of those pumpkin kisses and was in heaven! Yum!!!! Too bad Landon lost, but there's always next week, huh? Too bad you had to miss the party- how did your "studio" picture go?????

Kari said...

I wondered if you were out there Saturday- getting soaked! Speaking of Fall candy- I could honestly say I grab a handful of candy corn every time I walk past the dish- and I tell my kids it will give them cavities! lol