September 24, 2008

Life is good!

It is so nice out that I thought I would go to the zoo this morning with E. But soon conviced myself that I didn't REALLY want to go by myself, so instead I will hopefully be going tomorow. I thought that instead we would go to the park, but first I needed to get some blood drawn, and this was as good a time as any, I've been feeling TOO good lately, so thought that maybe the lab work would tell me something, I can't exactly call the doctor and say "Ummm, I feel really good... what's wrong with me?". After leaving the lab we decided instead to go to the farmers market and I'm happy to report that on the way there (yes I said HAPPY to report) I started feeling quite nauseous. We picked up a beautiful boquet of flowers, some peppers (just b/c they looked good, not sure what to do with them quite honestly) and some tamale's. Mmmmmm! this is only the 2nd time I've been able to go all year, and I've been missing out, Elliot loved to look around and check things out and everything looks so delicious!

Church tonight (which I have to say I'm all energized for now that I just took a 2 hour nap, so much for house cleaning I guess).

Oh, and just for the record... I had dental work done yesterday and you know how when they numb you you feel all funny... this face is how I felt all day afterwards... big lips and nose... lovely stuff!


Beck said...

That picture is hilarious and perfect... I know the feeling precisely! :) I'm glad you're feeling like crap. Wait, that came out wrong... ;)

Kari said...

Those tamales are so, so good. Now that you mention that, I will have to go for some again! Have fun at the Zoo ;) Glad you are feeling pretty good, and unfortunately nausea is a good thing too.

Sarah said...

We were at the Farmer's Market this morning as well- field trip for Brooks' class. What time were you there???? We got there around 10:45 probably? It was crowded while we were there. Have fun at the zoo- that sounds like fun. Want company?
GLAD you are feeling nauseous!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

I remember being nervous about feeling good in the first trimester. Then I regretted not enjoying it when I felt like poo later in the day. :)
I hope the next few weeks zoom by for you because there is much more to love about second tri!

Missy said...

That is too funny!It doesn't feel right to say glad you don't feel well, so how about I'm glad things are going well! Hopefully soon you can feel good about feeling well!