September 2, 2012

My hideout

So, Lila had a bloody nose that lasted about half an hour last night.  We sat in my bed for quite some time holding a washcloth over her nose, waiting for it to subside.

Finally it did.

I was wide awake at that point.

So, instead of waking Matt up, I went on the couch to watch tv.

When I woke up this morning for a minute I had a bright idea.  You may remember a while back, my post about Lila's willingness to wake me up, but her lack of willingness to wake her dad up.

To deter this, I decided to get sneaky.

I hid.

In a corner that is blocked from view by the couch.

Go ahead and judge me.  It's ok.  I know you haven't experienced Lila like I have.

I was laying in the corner doing important stuff catching up on Facebook activity.

And then I heard little feet.

First they went to my bedroom, just as I suspected they would.

And then she must have paused to find my scent.

Because just seconds later she was stepping over me, to ask for breakfast.


That girl couldn't find her blanket if it was in front of her face, yet she walks right to me, in a corner where stuff has been known to go missing for a day or two.

She must really really love her momma!  I am blessed!  ;-)