July 19, 2012

I "heart" media

Remember my last post where I talked about that book. 7. By Jen Hatmaker? Yeah, still reading it. Still tossing it around in my head.

I've read about her food fast, her clothing fast, her possession fast and am currently on the media chapter. They have all been a bit painful to read.

I like food. I like food with flavor even more. No way I could EVER eat only seven foods for a month. (she does each month in the way she feels would be the best fit for her, her friends do their own version, focusing on the same "topic" each month)

The clothing fast, well, that would be difficult (especially since it was 95 degrees yesterday and is now 65), but I think that ultimately I could do it without to much pain.

Possessions? Well, I really would like to get rid of half the stuff in my house, I know it would be hard, but definitely not the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

Then came the media chapter. Yup, this is the one I would struggle with. A lot. (don't get me wrong, those previous ones would affect me, I just think that media would affect me the most right now). Take my tv away, I could handle that, I would just have a hard time getting to sleep at night. No big deal. But DO NOT take my Internet away. I like Facebook, and blogs and family feud, and pinterest, and allrecipes and... Well, you get the point, I like them all far to much.

I sometimes dream of having a media free week in my house, but when I picture that, I picture all the kids going to bed and me hopping on the computer as soon as they are sleeping, because I'm definitely not the one with a problem.. And then I thought harder about it and knew that I would have just as hard of a time as they would. And then my thoughts drift to all of the fabulous family time we would have together. With lots of sunshine and lollipops everywhere.. So, I'm tossing this around in my head, to see what this means for me. What God intends this to mean for myself and family.

I also found this post from MelissaJenna, "I'm being haunted" that seemed to take ALL the thoughts that are floating around in my head and translate them into something that someone could read (because in my head they look more like a tangled up ball of yarn that cannot be put in order).

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