February 20, 2012

Color makes me happy!

Just browsing over my pinterest page... in case I didn't know it already, I really really like color.  Just looking at the page makes me happy!

I'm not a neutral type of girl. 

One other thing I noticed... perfect homes.  I know they are out there.  In fact, I know a few of you who have a perfect home. 
I don't. 
For most of you this is not a revelation, you will not be shocked by that information. 
I lust after some of these perfect homes though.  I look around my living room right now and what do I see that wouldn't fit into that staged living room?  A coffee table that is in an awkward spot in the wrong living room, teeny-tiny scraps of paper all over the table, floor, couch etc because the little girl learned that she likes to cut paper recently.  A lot.  Cleaning up is not so much fun though.  There are games on the shelves, old magazines, DS's and games, Baileys randomly misplaced wallet (I bet she can't find it), a christmas picture, my desk which is currently unusable because it's covered with so much clutter, wires and cords from all the gadgets and gizmos that go with my computer, a storm trooper, a pair of socks and the cusions aren't all on the couch, or in the right spot if they are. 

I was watching a high quality show (like Wife Swap) this afternoon and one of the husbands was a slight bit controlling and overwhelmed by color.  He pointed out a small pile of three books (all navy, so they matched at least) on an empty table that really bugged him.  He called it chaos.  Keep in mind the rest of the table was empty.  It was a desk type table.  He also said his wife was welcome to paint any color she wanted in the house... as long as it was beige, everything else overwhelmed him.  Him and I... we wouldn't get along so well.  That might make for a good show!  :)

OK, enough nonsense for one day!

Almost enough actually.  Currently watching Hoarders right now... my house doens't look so bad afterall!

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