September 2, 2011

It's almost over....

Summer is almost over.  I'm happy and sad all at the same time!  I really dislike this humidity that we have been experiencing the last few days, thankfully we spent yesterday at the beach adn the water was wonderful, today we tried to go outside a few times, but came back in shortly to wipe the sweat off. 

We rode the bus to school with Elliot last week.  Tons of fun.  He is so excited to go to Young Fives.  I'm excited for him, but the closer it get's the smaller he seems to me, going out into the world on his own.  We will both be fine though.  We always are! 

Another thing I've been doing is canning.  Yup, taught myself to can last weekend.  I did plenty of research, especially after I saw that you could get botulism if you don't can salsa correctly.  That is some scary stuff, definitely don't want to spread that to anyone!  I can't find the recipe that i used, but that's ok, I don't plan to use it again, I wasn't a huge fan.  It's not bad, just a little to "tomatoey" and not spicy enough. 

Then this week I had to use up some jalapenos so I made some Hot Pepper Jelly, which is great poured over cream cheese with Wheat Thins to dip in it!  It's also good on a hamburger as I figured out tonight.  Yum!  Super easy too, that took me about an hour (gotta love the food processor)!

And tonight, I wanted to make raspberry jam and decided I wanted Rhubarb Raspberry Jam.  I struggled to find a recipe that I could can as opposed to freeze, although I'm not sure why... eventually I found and settled on this one.  I'm still smiling every time I hear a jar pop.  If you've ever canned you so know what I mean!  I did try a little right out of the pan, after burning the tastebuds off my tongue I decided it was a bit sweeter than I like, but the kids will like it.  Now I'm on the search for a tarter recipe.  And maybe I'll settle on freezing it this time too!  In fact, I may try this one!

(OK, this post was more about saving the recipes that I used for future use than updating anyone, sorry)

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