August 7, 2011

A list to sum it all up...

Yikes.  It's been a while.  Sorry.  Life is busy.  Summer is busy.  But fall is busy too. 

Anyway, I will try to sum the past few weeks up in a short list in no particular order.

1. We went camping.  It went great, the kids had a great time.  I have never been to tri-ponds before, but we really enjoyed it.  We were quite a walk from the pool and bathrooms so I did a lot of walking that weekend, which turned out to be a good thing.  I pushed myself and I was feeling better, or at least significantly recovering, upon our return!

2. Landon is now a teenager.  He got a phone for his birthday, something he has wanted for a long long time, but we've resisted.  It is definitely nice that he has one now though!

3. Our house has gone from light tan with brown trim to a dark gray with white trim thanks to my wonderfully talented husband and some other fabulous helpers!  Love it!

4. We went to Green Lake with my brother and sister-in-law for the day.  The kids always have a great time tubing, sea-doing (spelled wrong???), swimming, and boating!

5. I started babysitting again after taking 7 weeks off.  We all missed our buddy!

6. Bailey hit double digits!  Growing up into a beautiful girl!

7. We have spent some great days at the beach and now that I know it's not that bad, we will definately be squeezing in as many more of them as we can!

8. I still can't swim, which makes the beach and camping a bit harder.  Luckily I have great kids and friends that will swim with Lila!  Can't wait to have this scar all healed up and closed, although I think this summer is out of the question at this point.  There may be some water arobics in my future though????  :)

9. We have been spending LOTS of time in the backyard playing on the swingset, in the sprinkler and in the kiddie pool  When I say kiddie pool, I mean LITTLE.  Like maybe 3 feet across.  But, it's perfect!

10.  Lila discovered that she LOVES pop.  In her own can.  Caffiene free preferably!  :)

11.  The shingles are gone!

12. Football starts way to soon.  Meeting tomorrow night and then practice in two weeks.  Games are a little bit later this year, which makes getting to the games so much easier.  And, making it even easier is the fact that I think all but one is home!

13.  This picture has nothign to do with anything, but once you look at it you will know exactly why I had to add it!  So adorable!

14. I am not planning on doing a Race for the Cure team this year, thank you to those that joined last year, and to those that have inquired about doing it again.  But, while I'm not planning on doing one, my friend Lindy has started a team and I would encourage you to sign up on that if you were thinking about doing it!  Click here!


Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

Can't believe football starts in 2 weeks (even though it seems that it has been started long time ago!) Hopefully we'll see you at few more games this year since Landon will be playing with Neal & Matt! How fun! I was also glad to see the schedule...I think we have 2 away games one in Hudsonville and one in Hamilton (I could be wrong).
We just camped at Tri-ponds this weekend too...wondering if we weren't in the same lot...I'm sure it was a 1/2 mile to the bathroom and the pool! Lots of walking (I was glad to be home so I didn't have to walk so far to go potty, especially at this stage in the pregnancy!!!)
See you soon!

Kate said...

LOVE the pictures, they are all so cute! Glad you are having a good summer!